Not staying in Berlin – Winter – Krakow

6 months ago we spent some awesome 3 days in Krakow. Even though it was teeth-chattering cold I discovered my desire to take pictures with an awesome camera until my hands were frozen. We stayed in a sweet airbnb guest house kind of flat close to the main attractions. As I first visited Krakow 9 years ago I was able to compare and see what changed which actually was not all that much, except for some new hipster bars and coffee shops. The cloth halls (sukiennice) and the old market were as pretty as always. For the first time I visited Schindlers manufactory which is definitely worth a journey but you should plan some time for it.

Market place at night
First photo trials



Wieliczka salt mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a place I would recommend everyone to visit, it’s a nice tour and impressing things to see as the mine was built in the 13th century and belongs to one of the oldest of its kind. You can visit several chapels a lake and many sculptures.


Big Hall Wieliczka








As I have been visiting Auschwitz 3 times already, I was not quite sure whether to go there again or not. Retrospectively I am glad we did go there as on the one hand I was just 17 being there the last time and at that time I may have been not as focused as I was that day and on the other hand that day it was freezing cold and imagining people had to survive there under much worse circumstances with much worse clothing and all kinds of diseases going around made the whole thing even more impressing.


After our last stop in Oswiecim(Auschwitz) we drove back home passing a snow-storm but luckily got home savely.

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