Week One

Hey guys n girls again!
The last days were full with all kinds of things. My apartment was really remote so I had to drive quite a long time to get to wherever I want to go. This is why on Monday when we had our first meeting at the agency I asked to change my accommodation and surprisingly they agreed (I had some other good reasons as well) so they told me someone was about to come the next morning to bring me to the new place (which is in Naxxar[naschahr]).
I also organized a little meetup with a couchsurfing member so I met Richard in my town and he showed me around, we also met a friend of him and had a nice evening eating cake and enjoying the view from a nice viewpoint in Mdina. Mdina is an awesome tiny piece of a city! It looks like you just fell into a film set but there are people that actually really live there! So thanks to the two guys I gained a lot of new insights into maltese culture and had a nice evening.
The next day was supposed to be my first day of work (and the day of my relocation) so at 7.30 someone came to pick me up and he also handed me a letter which said: There is some problems with your company you will not start today but tomorrow and we will proceed some information to you later. A little bit surprised I realized I had another day off to spend in the sun. But first I talked to my really nice new flatmates. They then had to leave for their first day of work I went to the grocery store which was super awesome as it was a nice mix of all the cuisines I like: Italian, English, Indian. I stayed there for like an hour to look through all the different kinds of things. Most things are not too expensive anyhow fruits and vegetables are quite expensive which is kind of obvious. After the supermarket I relaxed a little and then went out for a little hike which didnt work out really well because the map I have is not detailed enough and you cant really walk along the streets between cities because there is no pedestrian way or whatsoever. So I took another bus and then walked around in Mgarr [mdjarr], went to a beach, then went to another beach where I wanted to meet the couchsurfer again. The beach was quite nice – you had to go down quite a lot of steps and that was why there were not soo many people and nearly no little children. You were surrounded by cliffs – the only problem was that I was alone at first and that I already was completely sunburned so I asked an italian couple to watch out for my stuff for some minutes and went into the really warm water for a while.
When I came back there even was an unused umbrella so I could protect myself from the sun. One hour later Richard joined me and we spent another two hours there until he drove me back with his crazy car. Back home I spent the rest of the evening talking to my two flatmates and wondering why no one actually called me to tell me where I will have to work the next day…
The next morning I sent and email and an sms to the agency and two hours later someone called me. He told me I received an email with the information I checked my second email postbox and there it was in the spam folder. So I had another company and another address and one hour to get there on time – Mission Impossible.
It took me a little more than one hour to get to Testaferrata Street where I had to call my mentor because street numbers are not so much a thing in Malta. At first I said hello to everyone and then there were like three guys telling me what my task would be within the next weeks – funnily they all agreed on what the main task was but each of them specified completely different things.
Another problem was that they needed me to bring my own computer but no one told me to (luckily I brought one to Malta) so I couldn’t really start to work. One of them had to go close to my place anyways so he gave me a lift back to my apartment and also picked me up one hour later. Being back again I finally started to do some research on which WordPress themes, plugins and widgets to use for my task.
From now on my daily work schedule will be from 9am to 5pm. At five I tried to find my way back and went to the apartment for a nice talking night with my flatmates.




Prickly Pears


Tuflieha Beach


Some steps to go down


Water is really warm


Berlin calling

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