Traffic Adventures, Goodbyes and some Relaxing

The work week again passed quickly. On Thursday the girls and I met in St Julians to have our last meal all together as Laura was about to leave us on the following Saturday. I decided to walk to St Julians because I had too much time and going by bus as always was a nightmare. Nearly at our meeting point it started to rain badly and that is a challenging thing in Malta. Within several minutes of rain whole streets are flooded and life seems to stop for a while. I managed to meet the other girls and we had a nice burger and spare-ribs date. 
You can save so much in Malta – amazing
It must have rained in the night as well and when I went to the bus the next morning I recognized some differences. Usually there is traffic jam but the cars are still moving but that day they weren’t. I passed Esmee who was waiting for her bus and I saw the bus I had to take. Great I thought. The bus was in the traffic jam maybe 3 meters before the bus stop so I could easily pass it and wait for it. But then I realized what was going on. Usually at the bus stop 3-5 people are waiting for a bus. This time there were round about 20 people and when I passed the bus I saw that it was already full. I went to the station and thought I might just try to get in even though it was very unrealistic. After 10 minutes of waiting the bus didn’t even move one centimeter. I decided to go back to Esmees bus stop to take another bus. 
Traffic Jam Selfie with Esmee 🙂
Being faster than all the cars
When I went there I saw her from far walking towards another direction. So I followed her and starting from then we went together to Mosta Technopark another stop where usually traffic is not that bad. But not this day. The traffic jam continued, cars barely moving. She decided to walk the whole way to work and as we were a lot faster than all the cars standing there I joined her because I could have still gotten in a bus when we would have seen one. Walking was really funny and kind of adventurous  as there were no sidewalks and the rain left big wet spots everywhere. The other road direction was empty so whenever a car passed the chance of getting completely wet was pretty high. We made our way through the cars which was save because they were standing. After maybe 50 minutes Esmee had to walk towards a different direction so we said „goodbye“ and „good luck“ and I decided to go on walking – without knowing the way but I was sure I will figure it out. By that time I already called my company to tell them not to worry about me and that I will be there but like really late. So at least I didn’t have to hurry. After a total of 2 hours (including all the waiting in the beginning) I finally arrived at work. 
You see many sunsets when waiting for a bus
Bus sunset #2
Everyone was staggered that I really walked the whole way and I was not the only one who was late. The other intern arrived at 1:30pm so 4 hours after she usually arrives. She said she waited for the bus for 4 hours (which I don’t really believe but yeah doesn’t matter). For me the whole thing actually was a lot of fun and a lot better than waiting for the bus for such a long time. 
The rest of the day quickly passed and in the evening we went out to Paceville for our last official party night with Laura. It’s funny to go there and to know how things are working even though it was just my second time there. We went to the henna tattoo place accompanying Laura to get herself a tattoo, then we had some Two for One-Vodka Shots and a free drink and after that went for a little walk around. Looking at the waves of the wild sea and going to a luxury hotel toilet – because we had to. Finally we went into the one club where everyone is going to – which proofed true-  as there we met: the other dutch co-students from the group of my flatmates, the other german friends from our flatmate Jenny, my co worker and some more people. Pretty early we decided to go back – which meant I had to say goodbye to Laura as I stayed in a hostel for some organizational reasons. 

Trying to make a cliche selfie


Later in „Plush“

The next morning I woke up early and went to Sliema and lay down on a rocky place next to the sea. The waves were still really big so no one could go swimming but lying there and listening to the waves while nearly falling asleep was good enough for me. After some hours I went back to the hostel and wanted to go for a run. Of course the minute I left the house with my sport outfit it started to rain badly again. I still tried to go on but after not even 20 minutes I stopped as I didn’t feel so good any more. It got worse and I went back to the apartment as fast as I could and spent the rest of the day in bed which was sad as I missed to go to the Notte Bianca in Valletta that night. 

Cloudy in Comino
Panorama from middle of Comino
Windows everywhere
After going to bed so early I was awake between 1 and 5 in the night but then went back to sleep for another 5 hours. Around 10 I woke up and felt a lot better again. Everyone just left the house and I came to the decision that I don’t want to stay in the house for the rest of the weekend which is why I quickly made up my mind and finally decided to go to Comino for a second time. When we were in Comino some weeks ago, we only saw the Blue Lagoon but I heard there was a lot more to discover. That was true: I walked around the whole island and had some epic views, visited the traces of former inhabitants of the island which even had a school until 1960something and enjoyed being on my own listening to some podcasts. 
Too bad I didn’t have a proper camera
As I am in Malta to improve my English I forced myself to stop listening to german podcasts and found a podcast that I adore. It is called „Call your girlfriend – A podcast for long distance besties everywhere“ (Conny you should definitely try it as we are long distance besties at the moment 😉 ) The podcast is made by two women: Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow who are both pretty feminist and talk about their periods and politics and celebrities but in a really entertaining and non stupid way. Also racial issues are a big topic for them which is interesting as especially the black and white debate is not really a big thing in Germany (or let’s say – not in the world I experience).
Listening to my podcasts
Awesome place for some relaxation
Picturesque little island
After some hours of enjoying nice views I went back to to go home and met a friendly french girl in the bus which made the one hour journey a lot more fun. As actually most of the short-time-foreigners you meet here – she was already fed by being in Malta (after being here for 4 weeks) and was cursing a lot when talking about busses. I didn’t really eat the whole day so I went to the nice cake store in Mosta before I went back home and bought a chocolate cupcake and a chocolate brownie for dinner which I ate after my pizza back home (ok I couldn’t eat the brownie any more, I will have it another day). 
Watch out for the cables!

Oh, I also just saw the profile screen from my step counting app which is linked to a step counting and sleep tracking bracelet and I recognized that I am so close to reach my first 1,000 kilometers within less than 100 days. Nice one – Nina.


The weight is fictional of course 😉


Another week in Malta passed and I cannot stop my head starting to think and plan about stuff back in Germany. There will be many things going on when I am back and I have to be very well organized then. Also my last months of being an apprentice are going to start, so I will have to start learning for my final exams and of course I started to worry about whether I will get hired after the apprenticeship. Then there is many things I also want to accomplish within the next months like finally starting with a driver’s licence which involves to spend a lot of money I don’t really have or I always preferred to spend on travelling. The motivation to spend a lot of money on a sheet of paper doesn’t really sound appealing to me but there are quite some things that encourage me to do it now – so why not. Any kind of helpful handy hints(nice alliteration) are very welcome.

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