Working, Partying, Holi Shit

In the morning of the public holiday(festa) I was still uncertain about whether I should stay at home and relax or do something else. But who knows me better, will be aware of the fact that I can’t stay at home without doing something for more than 2 hours 🙂
So I went for a little hike. Which I thought was nearly impossible because many cities are connected by really neat roads where you cant walk in any safe way. But I found out that between my city and another one there is kind of like a pavement for most of the time. So I walked to Hal Ghargur or something like that which also is a nice little city with some  small alleyways. I went on walking to XXX and on the way there I could already see the sea but the problem was that I could not pass on to the beaches because there was only one big road which seemed way to dangerous to walk on. So I went to the next bus stop and drove all the way to Valletta. Finally there I walked up to the top of Valletta and found a really cool swimming place. You had to walk down several steps and then you had a stunning view and a ladder to go down into the sea. I spent some more hours at that lovely place. Reading a book and enjoying the view. Later I went to a coffee place and had some carrot-nut-something-else-cake and free wifi.
I didn’t want to be back home like really late so I took the next bus back home and I have an update for you guys:
There is at least one unfriendly Maltese – it was a bus driver – no further details – I was quite pissed but still – I can imagine being a bus driver in Malta must be annoying from time to time as every second person is a tourist and asks you a stupid question. So let’s forgive him.
I forgot what I did back in the apartment but later on I decided to try to go for some running. I recognised one way where it seemed to be possible to run for a while without being overrun by a car. And it was a good road. I could see the surrounding cities glowing in the dark and also some nice fireworks due to the ongoing festas. When I came back Esme was surprised I went running and we decided to try to go running together another day.
Wednesday was kind of like an average day: going to work, walking around in the evening. I checked out St Julians and Paceville which is the main tourist and party area. It didn’t look really inviting to me – anyways on the weekend I will try to go there at least once.
No idea what I did on Thursday but on Friday I was quite happy to face weekend and talked my flatmates into going to the beach at Gajn Tuffieha which is the nice beach next to Golden Bay. We had to hurry a bit in order to be there before the sun goes down. We made it and Esmee and I had a nice little bath in the sea while the sunset was looking awesome.
After that we had dinner at the beach and went back home. What a nice start for the weekend. The next day we wanted to go to the blue lagoon “to get a tan” and I can already tell you that: we achieved our goal…. Getting there took us quite some time (going to Mosta -> supermarket – waiting for the bus -> going to Cirkewwa -> going by ferry) When we finally arrived at Comino we by far where not the only people there. It was the most crowded by tourist place I saw so far in Malta. Nevertheless we made the best of it. We found a little rock which was not that easy to reach and we put all our stuff on it and hoped that no one will want to steal our bags. Then we swam to the other side where you could see a big cave where you can swim through – and this is what Lisette and I did. And I will never regret it – it was a bit exciting and stunningly beautiful. Some guys climbed up the inner walls of the cave and jumped down into the water and when I went on swimming you came out of the cave again and had an awesome view of the sea and surrounding land. A view you cannot catch with your camera.
Back with the girls we were lying around in the water for a while and climbed up a little hill to have another great view. Then we decided to go back because some of us where already badly sunburned and the others wanted to stay at a real beach. So we waited for the ferry (like half an hour…) and went to Mellieha Beach for two more hours of sun and salty water. In the evening we prepared for a party night in paceville even though we were quite exhausted after the whole day in the sun.
Around 9:30 we started our little journey and we had a lot of fun. For a berliner paceville is  little bit like party nightmare but you can still enjoy it somehow. So most people there seemed to be around 18 years old which can be totally true (you are allowed to go out starting at 17 years already). The majority of the girls dressed like … how can I say it nicely… they had really high heels and really short dresses 🙂 It helped a lot that alcohol is really really cheap (like 2 for 1 and the one even costs nothing) and we even got some free drinks which probably is one advantage of being a girl there. Around 11 we went into a club and were dancing for a bit which was nice – I enjoyed it and also people started to be a little older. Anyways – we had some plans for the next day and decided not to stay very long. Lucky us we found a night bus and saved the money for a cab. Already used to weird guys talking to us in busses we easily handled the German that felt the urge to talk about weed all the time.
The next morning things started slow. I woke up at 10 Laura the other german girl came short after me and then we waited. 30 minutes before we finally decided to leave without the girls and meeting them later Lisette found her way out of bed and got ready to join us within a few minutes. Esmee unfortunately didn’t feel so good so we had to leave her at home 😦
After a completely waste of time visiting Valletta for new bus tickets (standing in line for one hour and none of us actually got what she wanted) we drove to StJulians for the Holi Festival we bought tickets for – 2 days earlier. When we found the place we were a bit confused as it seemed to be a small hotel and nearly no other people wearing white shirts. We found the place which was meant to be the entrance and some doorman telling everyone that the event has not yet started. We waited again until we finally got in – nearly the first persons there. We got ourselves something to drink and waited a bit until we couldn’t stand it any longer and then we danced and then we got coloured. And it was quite some fun. After some hours of dancing and not being able to see through our completely coloured glasses we decided to go and agreed to wash ourselves in the sea in order to get into the bus. On the one hand it was a good idea but on the other hand the colour didn’t really get off and we were freezing a lot but yeah at least the bus driver did not refuse to let us go with the bus. The air con was killing us but we managed to stay in the bus (nearly) without touching anything or anyone. Back in Naxxar we had dinner at the kebab place for the first time. Doner kebab 8 Euro what the hell is going on…


We made up a stupid game to decide who will be first and second and third to take a shower – I was second (not too bad) but I can tell you – I still have some coloured spots on my body…

Having free drinks at Paceville


St Julians


St Julians


Blue Lagoon – the black hole is the cave we swam through


Blue Lagoon again


Mellieha Beach


Cheap drinks everywhere 
Our collection of BUY 1 GET 1 FREE


Before we got coloured


It feels worse than it looks


Everybody dancing


Some posing


Selfie time


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